The 10 Best Sex Dolls []

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Sex dolls are one of the most exciting

How to Choose the Perfect Sex Doll for You

Sex dolls come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. We have the most realistic sex dolls from Realdoll. All the way down to a simple sex doll from amazon that is only a pussy and ass.


Realism is probably the most important feature to consider when making a purchase. Significantly more real than a Fleshlight but a lot less discreet and much more maintenance.


Material Quality


How to Keep Your Sex Doll Clean

There is a required degree of maintenance for your sex doll. They will slowly get dirty over time and use, just like anything else.

Using a condom while having sex with your doll greatly decreases cleanup time and reduces chances of bacterial growth occurring in one of those hard to clean areas.

You’ve got the hyper-realistic dolls from Realdoll. Yo


Water-Based Lube for Sex Toys

How To


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