The 5 Best G-Spot Vibrators

For this post, I’ve put together a collection of the best g-spot vibrators currently available.

The ever elusive g-spot has been a point of contention of decades. Many claiming it does not exist. Many more claiming it does, and stimulating it feels amazing. We’re here to help you find your g-spot and find the best sex toy to reach that elusive g-spot orgasm!

Yes, clitoral climaxes are typically easier to achieve and make up the vast majority of orgasms a woman will experience. That said, it’s well worth it to learn about and explore the g-spot.

So here is my list of The 5 Best G-Spot Vibrators


1. The Rave G-Spot Vibrator

For the past decade the We-Vibe brand has been synonymous with finding new ways to participate in humanity’s oldest past time.

The Rave is another example of We-Vibe ingenuity. It looks unlike any other G-spot vibrator you’ll find. Its asymmetrical shape gives you more options when it comes finding just the right position to get you there.

While this G-spot vibrator is less thick than many other options the unique shape engages the entire vagina and feels good even with the vibration function turned off. It isn’t as well-endowed in the girth department so it’s a great toy for those who might be more petite or less experiences with penetrative toys.

The vibrations are very strong in comparison to other G-spot vibrators. Although you can feel when the power is getting low on any vibrator because the vibrations start to slow down and are less powerful, the low power alert at least gives you heads up when your self-pleasure session is about to come to an abrupt end.

The Rave does pair with the We-Connect app so your honey can tease and please you from afar or you can use it as an alternative way to control speed and intensity.

We-Vibe is consistently good at providing actual pattern variety and this product is no different. It comes ready with 10 vibration patterns along with the option to create your own pattern, and the ability to sync the vibrations up to music.

The silicone We-Vibe used for this particular model is very firm. The inflexibility helps it to hold its distinctive shape during use. Some users prefer toys with a firm texture but we found it to be a smidge awkward when trying to adjust to the right spot or thrust in and out.

Since a big selling point for this G-spot toy and many other We-Vibe offerings is unique ability to use the app, we should mention that this model is known to have more connectivity issues and lag when using the song sync feature than any other We-Vibe toy.

And while we are talking about a few of its shortcomings this toy is splash resistant. Splash resistant does not equal waterproof.

You have to be careful when cleaning this vibrator and fun in the shower or the tub are strictly off limits.  This feels like a huge oversight for a vibrator made completely of silicone.

Despite the whisper quiet claim, we found this toy to be reasonably loud and somewhat buzzy at higher speeds.

Due to that unique shape that does feel amazing, the toy isn’t a great candidate for hands free use. Mostly it just doesn’t feel quite up to par with many of the other We-Vibe products we absolutely love.

The Rave by We-Vibe has an insertable length of 4.5 inches. A single 90 minute charge will get you about 2 hours on a use. This vibrator retails for $199 and comes with a silky storage bag and a charger. It is only available in purple.

2. The Fun Factory Tiger G5 G-Spot Vibrator

The Fun Factory’s Tiger G5 is different from most other G-spot vibrators because the entire shaft is made of silicone and the vibrations originate from the motor that’s housed in the plastic handle.

One might worry that the would dull the vibrations as you get farther from the motor, they remain consistent all the way to the tip and this design allows for unmatched flexibility.

Speaking of those good vibrations, the Tiger G5 has six speeds and six different vibration patterns. The handle has a loop so it’s easy to hold in place and the ridges make hands free use possible. The raised buttons save you from fumbling around in the dark.  

The nub and flared base also mean it safe for anal penetration with the added bonus of a little extra attention for your perineum and the Tiger G5 a good candidate for male prostate stimulation due to its size and shape.  

Unlike the Rave this model is completely submersible because it’s actually waterproof so not only can you have a relaxing G-spot session in the tub but it’s incredibly easy to keep clean. Another nice feature is the travel lock so you’ll never have to explain why your luggage is buzzing to a TSA agent.

This vibe resembles a penis more than any of the other options we took an in depth look at. Depending on your scene that could be hot or not.

The build quality seems a little shoddy, especially the plastic used to make the handle. This model employs a specialty magnetic charger which can be more expensive to replace than any of the more standard cables.

For some women the tiger is too thick or too weird an angle to take advantage of the clitoral stimulator.

If you are looking for otherworldly vibrations this isn’t the vibrator for you.

It isn’t super powerful in the vibration department and relies heavily on the textured shaft. Those ridges that help keep it in place in the vagina also make thrusting difficult unless you are very aroused. The drag could be described as heavy; good for sustained G-spot contact but could also be the source of discomfort. You’ll go through a lot of lube with this vibrator.

You’ll also have to clean it before you use it because it attracts lint and hair like crazy.

The Fun Factory Tiger G5 has an insertable length of 4.75 inches. It can take up to eight hours to fully charge and your patience will get you about two hours of play. It retails for $139.99 and comes in three colors: red, blue, and purple.

3. The Silker G-Spot Vibrator

Elegant. There’s no other word for the Dorr’s Silker G-spot Vibrator. When you hold it you’ll find it really is as soft and smooth as it looks. The handle sits properly in your hand and the good fit makes grapping and thrusting easy and comfortable.  

The Silker comes loaded with six strong, but not overwhelming or abrasive, vibration patterns which can each be experienced at any of the six speeds. The shape and angle aren’t extreme so this vibe is likely to work for a wider range of vaginas than one with a more radical curve.

The knob at the tip wide and spreads a bit of the attention to the areas surrounding the G-spot which dissipates the intensity of the vibrations ever so slightly. As a result, over-stimulation and discomfort are less likely.  

At the same time this G-spot vibrator is definitely on the larger side of the spectrum and it might actually be too big for many women to comfortably use.  

The vibrations get buzzy instead of rumbly once you get past the third speed on most of the patterns .Women who rely on deeper vibrations to have a G-spot orgasm might struggle climbing to the tipping point.

Also notable is the noise level. There is nothing discreet about this vibe. She is loud.

This is another one with an annoyingly specific magnetic charger you’ll have to replace if you break or lose it instead of repurposing one from another toy.

The Silker Waterproof Silicone G-spot Vibrator has an insertable length of 4.5 inches. Charging this vibe for two hours will get you approximately two hours of use.  This vibrator retails for $79.99 and is available in four colors: pink, blue, purple and black.

4. The Sola Cue G-spot Vibrator

The Sola Cue is actually beautiful. It’s incredibly streamlined and the ice blue color is an uncommon choice for a sex toy which are more commonly produced in more outlandish colors. The silky smooth exterior makes inserting this easy and pain free with the use of a little lube.

It has the most subtle silhouette of any of the G-spot vibrators we reviewed and is moderate in size so this toy is accessible to a wide range of bodies. This could be a great beginner’s option for women who are new to G-spot stimulation or penetration toys.  

It’s completely waterproof and comes set with five intensities and five patterns. The vibrations in this model were different than any vibrator we tested. First off, they are the most powerful. Secondly, the vibrations have a distinctive thud.

This vibrator manages to avoid the clicks or buzzes that sometimes plague vibrators on higher speed modes. This alone makes up for a number of its shortcomings of which there are a few.

The smooth shape that makes this toy so easy to use also makes it impossible to keep inside the vagina without using you hand. If you are looking for a toy you can insert and leave unattended while you use both your hands for other activities, the Sola Cue isn’t going to work.

The whole vibrator shakes when on. Unsurprisingly this motion can get really uncomfortable in your hand and wrist after a while, leaving a pins and needles sensation similar to when your foot falls asleep.

It also has a multiple-second button response lag when you are trying to power on or power down. Not so great if say someone walks in on you while you are trying to get off.

If it’s not already established, I hate proprietary chargers and the Sola Cue is another toy that utilizes this technology. In fact, there is a known issue with the charging mechanism on this model. Unless you very gingerly place the charger in exactly the proper position, you might come back to find that your vibrator hasn’t been charging at all.

The Sola Cue Rechargeable Silicone G-spot Vibrator has an insertable length of 5 inches. An hour and a half charge will get on you a single hour of use. Along with the USB charge cable, and a storage bag, this toy also comes with a wall adapter so you can charge it anywhere there’s electricity.  It retails for $106 and comes in one color: light blue.

5. The Key Comet 2 G-Spot Vibrator

The Key Comet 2 is certainly the most flamboyant vibrator in the bunch with a large bulbous head and exaggerated curve.

While it might looks comical the plastic handle feels luxurious, like glass instead of plastic. The materials used are top notch but there is something about the construction that doesn’t feel quite as high quality, especially where the silicone wand and the handle meet.

It’s a middle distance runner as far as the power of the vibrations are concerned. This G-spot vibe comes ready to use with seven different patterns but no way to increase or decrease the speed or intensity.

The Key Comet 2 isn’t a toy for a beginner, especially one who doesn’t have a sizeable history with penetration. This toy feels even larger than it looks and has a large learning curve for safe use.

Even among veterans this one either a bit hit or a big miss.

Playtime with this toy is a time commitment. It can take some work to get it in and into the perfect spot. If you aren’t really aroused and using what might otherwise be considered an excessive amount of lube it is going to be uncomfortable.

If you like to really move and thrust your vibrator during use then skip this one. It only really serves the purpose of intense continual G-spot contact and pressure so it really best serves the ladies who get off from G-spot stimulation.

The Key Comet 2 Vibrating G-spot Wand retails for $99 and is available in three colors: pink, purple, or blue. It has an insertable length of 5 inches.

What is the G-spot?

The G-spot, or Gräfenberg Spot if you want to get technical, is an area inside the vagina where the nerves are very close to the surface so when you press or rub against it, it elicits an extremely pleasurable sensation.

For a number women, that pressure is enough to cause an orgasm and may be a big part of why some women have the power to ejaculate aka squirt.

Turns out the nerves responsible for making your clitoris so sensitive are actually connected to your G-spot. In fact your G-spot is more an extension of the clitoris than a separate set of nerves. If you want dual stimulation of both the g-spot and clit, we suggest you go with a rabbit vibrator.

The exact location of this especially sensitive area varies somewhat from woman to woman but typically its a few inches into the vagina along the top wall.

How to Find Your G-spot

In order to find your G-spot you’ll need to be both extremely relaxed and very aroused.

Set aside a block of time, lock the door, maybe take a bath and really get into it.  If you are with a partner, focus on foreplay starting slow and ramping up to exploring your more erogenous zones.

When you are ready, insert one or more fingers into your vagina and curl your fingertips up towards your belly button pressing up. Keep moving your fingers farther in until you find the right area.

Even though your G-spot won’t feel physically different to your fingers, you’ll know when you find it. The G-spot will be even more receptive to touch than the surrounding areas.

Unlike clitoral stimulation which is often intense from the get go, G-spot stimulation is a slow build as your body responds to ongoing pressure and stimulation leading to a deep, explosive orgasm.

How To Find The Perfect G-Spot Vibrator

A G-spot vibrator is a sex toy made with one implicit goal: to successfully achieve an internal orgasm.

G-spot vibrators can be good for beginners who have never experienced an internal orgasm during sex, struggle to do so or just want to get to know their own body more intimately.

Another reason these types of vibrators are so popular is many women want to experiment with female ejaculation known more commonly as squirting,

There are literally thousands upon thousands of G-spot vibrators on the market so we’ve selected five popular models to review and hopefully make your search easier. All of these G-spot vibrators are made with body safe plastics and silicones.

How to Increase the Lifetime of Your G-spot Vibrator

While your sexual pleasure is worth investing in there’s no reason to wear out toys before they’ve reached their full potential. Here are just a few ways to ensure you keep everything in working order

Don’t Use Silicone Lube:

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Silicone toys do not play well with other silicone products, especially in situations where movement and friction are a necessary part of the equation.

Use your favorite water-based lube. If you don’t have a fave we recommend Sliquid H20 or Wet Original.

If you only have silicone lube then you can also roll a condom onto your vibrator as long as it will cover all of the silicone bits that could potentially come into contact with the lube.

Don’t forget to keep your toys clean:  

A clean and well maintained sex toy will break down slower than one that’s not properly sanitized and dried.  Not to mention, not keeping your vibrator clean isn’t good for your health.

And while we are talking about cleaning, use extra caution if the toy you are cleaning isn’t waterproof.  Nothing says disaster like a sink full of warm, soapy water and unprotected electronics.

Charging it so the batteries don’t die forever:

You might not know this but rechargeable batteries live longer when they are getting a regular charge.

Plugging your toys in for a little pick me up even when you don’t have plans to use them in the near future will keep the electronic components inside active.

How to Make a G-spot Vibrator Work for you

While G-spot vibrators lack the extra moving parts more complicated toys and vibrators have you’ll still have to put in some effort to

Take your time:

What’s that saying? Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing right? If you are going to phone something it, don’t make it your own sexual well-being.

Take some time to learn how your body responds to different touches and toys.

It shouldn’t hurt:

Sex and masturbation shouldn’t hurt, unless of course, that’s your thing.

At first, some toys might be uncomfortable but not actually painful. If it’s potentially injuring you, back off. Try a different angle or a different toy or a different position.

Use lube:

We’ve got over this but once again for the people in the back. Lube reduces friction. Friction causes things like injuries and chaffing.

A G-spot inspired orgasm can be deeply satisfying. Hopefully the information we’ve provided will lead you to the perfect purchase and your next release.

I hope this list of the best g-spot vibrators was helpful.

If you think I left out one that is important or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comments below.

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