Womanizer Pro Sex Toy Review

The Womanizer vibrator makes a very bold claim: to be the world’s best sex toy.

womanizer pro vibe

Whether that’s actual fact or wishful fiction depends on who you ask but I think we can all agree this toy can unequivocally claim the title of worst name. Despite its awful moniker, this sex toy is the result of years’ worth of research into women’s pleasure and those results are impressive.

So what’s the big deal? The market for sexual products aimed at satiating women’s carnal desires has been booming for well over two decades.

While true it’s also fair to say the vast majority of sex aids for the ladies fall into two categories, dildos or vibrators. Vibrators further break down into rabbit vibes, g-spot vibes, or clit vibes. Any other novelties just didn’t work well enough to take hold or carve out a place in the market.

What’s left is a lack of variety and, for many women, a struggle to find something capable of pushing all the right buttons.

In this case, the innovation pays off. Unlike vibrators which require a sometimes overly exuberant jostle to incite an orgasm or dildos which require you to work for your payoff, the Womanizer Pro uses its own patented Pleasure Air Technology to stimulate the clitoris without actually making contact.

The silicone head essentially encircles your clit and uses air to gently push and pull. The result is a sensation similar to really good oral sex with the added perk of being in total control of the speed and pressure.

Outfitted with twelve incrementally increasing intensity settings, you can pick from a tease to a bombardment or anything in between.

It makes quick work of a climax so if you are looking for a quickie this is the toy for you. If you’re more into long meandering self-love sessions you might want to start with another option and bring this one in as the closer.

While the orgasms are intense the method is gentle making over-stimulation less likely and increasing the chances of multiple orgasms.

Even though it was constructed with female clitoral masturbation in mind, we also found the Womanizer Pro provided a wonderful sensation when it came to nipple play. You could also easily use it on your own body while having sex with a partner or you could explore their most sensitive spots if you are feeling generous. Or don’t and keep it all for yourself. We won’t judge.

While it would be a fun addition to the bedroom, it is an investment so if clitoral orgasms aren’t your thing, the Womanizer probably isn’t the right choice for you.

While in use It is quiet but not silent by any means. The noise it makes isn’t like the telltale buzz you find with most vibrators. In all honesty, it sounds like a cat purring more than a sex toy.

A 90 to 120 minute charge will get up to four hours of battery life depending on the setting you utilize which sounds great on paper.

Unfortunately, we are sorry to report while this toy is in a league of its own at full power, just a little bit of power loss results in a lot of pleasure loss. Even at what equates to 75% charge, this little toy that could becomes the little toy that won’t. Won’t create a seal and won’t get you to the big O.

Design wise it doesn’t look like a sex toy. Equal parts quirky, cute and sleek the Womanizer Pro comes embellished with a faux diamond on/off switch and is available in six colors: white, mint, magenta, black leo, black gold, and black chrome.

Several of the color options also include fun prints like lace or leopard print. While it might not look like other adult toys is does look and feel high end.

The playful aspects toe the line without crossing over into garishness or immaturity with the aspect of the LED lights in the headpiece which were completely unnecessary. If you can’t find your own clitoris in the dark then there is an underlying problem that this toy can’t help you with.

The fact it looks like more like a Clarisonic facial exfoliator than a dildo makes it a great, discreet travel option. Moreover, it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand comfortably.

It’s also completely waterproof for a happy ending to a long, relaxing soak in the tub.

The Womanizer Pro retails for $199 and comes with two different sized silicone heads for the perfect fit. It is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger to keep things running smoothly.

The price also includes a carrying case inconspicuous travel and freshness because let’s be real, lint down there is no fun.

While the name quite frankly sucks, the product itself is a top notch nod to what can be accomplished when a company takes innovating new ways to evoke pleasure and passion from their female customer seriously.

It’s a worthy addition to any woman’s box of gadgets.

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