Stoya Fleshlight Review

Ever wanted to have sex with your favorite porn star? Here’s your chance, with the Stoya Destroya. Read our Stoya Destroya Fleshlight review for all the deets!

Women working in the adult film industry get all kinds of attention. They couldn’t sleep with all of their superfans in 100 lifetimes, even if they were to bang 5 – 6 a day. This is especially true with someone like “America’s Sweetheart Of Smut,” Stoya – so beloved she only needs a first name. If you want to know more about all the best Fleshlights.

The Stoya Destroya offers you a chance to experience this famous pussy for yourself and see if it’s worth the hype (Spoiler Alert: It is.)

Stoya Destroya Inner Workings

The Stoya Destroya is one of the latest in the Fleshlight Girl series. This innovative series models Fleshlight sleeves after the most famous pussies in the world. We’re not just talking lips, either. The Stoya Destroya, for instance, is an exact replica of Stoya’s entire reproductive system. Yes, her iconic labia is present and well-represented-for, but so is her vagina and even her cervix.

Who Is Stoya?

In case you haven’t heard of “America’s Sweetheart Of Smut,” let us illuminate you. Stoya is truly one-of-a-kind in the porn industry. As one of the original alt-porn stars, she has an interesting background, which is a big part of what makes her movies and persona so unique.

Stoya came up out of the alt-modeling underground, graduating from doing artsy avant-garde photo shoots with her friends to featuring in adult films in earnest. Her artistic edge, mixed with her smoldering dark hair and complexion, truly make her one of a kind – dark and hard enough for the BDSM fiends but with enough “girl next door” appeal for more traditional porn lovers.

Stoya strikes the balance between the soft and artful and the hardcore and extreme. The Stoya Destroya Fleshlight perfectly captures that balance, with a soft, lifelike design but with enough innovative technology to power a Terminator.

Stoya Destroya: Distinctive Features

The first and most noticeable thing about the Stoya Destroya is the fleshy, puffy labia lips, which makes sense given that they’re the gateway to pleasure. The next thing that catches your, umm, attention, is the clever ridged canal design. The Stoya Destroya’s canal is lined with tiny teeth (don’t worry, they don’t bite.) This creates a unique pulling, sucking sensation that will milk every last drop of satisfaction out of you during your Fleshlight session.

  • Lifelike, pillowy 3-ringed labia design
  • Authentic reproduction of Stoya’s entire reproductive system
  • Clever, textured toothed canal design

Stoya Destroya: Fleshlight Review

The 3-ringed labia opening is really a nice touch. If having sex with her truly feels this way, it truly must be a gateway to Heaven. It’s like screwing a cloud.

This sets the scene for enhanced appreciation of all the other little details. The Fleshlight sleeve design is truly top-notch and realistic, tight at the top and soft and delicious, the further you get.

There are a few downsides, however. First and foremost, the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight attachment is heavy. When you’ve got to hold it in your hands for extended periods of time (probably not that extended, considering how good the Destroya is at what it does.) Others take issue with the Destroya’s SuperSkin material, claiming its too sticky when you don’t use lube. This is a Fleshlight-wide design feature, though, so it’s not particular to the Destroya.

As one last nitpicky point of contention, that is not necessarily particular to this model of the Destroya, but some are miffed that Stoya didn’t take Fleshlight up on their offer to model her mouth. She did do a butt sleeve, for the backdoor fans out there. Those hoping for a blowjob from Stoya are going to be disappointed, though, sadly.

Stoya Destroya: Pros

  • Cushy 3-ringed labia opening is a gateway to heaven
  • Textured, toothed canal design gets every last drop of… satisfaction
  • Incredibly lifelike

Stoya Destroya: Cons

  • Heavy
  • SuperSkin material too sticky without lube
  • No oral Fleshlight attachment

Stoya Destroya: The Verdict

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to sleep with Stoya, which is pretty much true for anyone who’s seen her movies, the Stoya Destroya is about as close as you’re going to get (unless you decide to join the porn industry.) The soft, fleshy labia design is particularly delicious, making getting down with the Destroya a (wet) dream.

This sets the scene to truly appreciate the clever ridged canal design, which really helps to get that necessary traction to really get you off. In a certain regard, it’s even better than the real thing, especially when it’s mixed with some lube.

You’ll probably want to have some lube on hand, anyway, to counteract the SuperSkin. You might want to have a wrist brace, also, in case holding the heavy Fleshlight for long periods of time causes a strain.

Still, it’s worth the risk to simulate what it’s like sleeping with Stoya, long may she reign as  “America’s Sweetheart Of Smut.”

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