Fleshlight Launch Review

We’ve been hearing about the rise of sex robots for years now. Read our Fleshlight Launch review to find out if the first fully-automated, hands-free male masturbator is the beginning of a new paradise of undreamed-of pleasures or the beginning of a new cybernetic dystopia.

For years, we’ve been hearing about the coming age of sex robots. Some are eager for the on-coming technological revolution. Others view it with dread, in our already too-technological world.

Technology can improve our lives in pretty much every way imaginable. It makes our cars run more smoothly, our clothing more functional and practical. It makes it easier to live, work, and love, via the Internet and mobile apps.

If we’re already incorporating tech into every aspect of our daily lives, why stop short of sexual desire? Having a satisfying masturbatory session is a win-win, it helps you to feel relaxed and stress-free, while also boosting your confidence while you’re searching for the real thing. It even helps our relationships, which can often be busy keeping up with all of the demands of modern living.

What Is The Fleshlight Launch?
The Fleshlight Launch is a technological marvel. It’s a collaboration between Fleshlight, the leading manufacturer of male masturbation aids, and Kiiroo, a developer of cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology.

First off, let’s start by mentioning the Fleshlight Launch isn’t a sex toy in and of itself. It’s built to power Fleshlight devices, as well as numerous other teledildonic devices. If you don’t already have a Fleshlight, you’ll need to purchase the version comes with the STU, or standard training unit.

The Fleshlight Launch is compatible with:
● Standard-sized Fleshlight Products
● Black case
● Gold case
● Silver case
● Blue case
● Pearl case

The Fleshlight Launch is NOT compatible with:
● Turbo
● Ice
● Flight
● Go
● Quickshot

Fleshlight Launch: Initial Impressions
Next, let us mention the Fleshlight Launch is a bit big. If you’re looking for a discreet, easy-to-hide sex toy, the Fleshlight Launch may not be the best fit for your needs. It’s best when you’re looking to spread out and really delve into your sexual fantasies and media.

The Fleshlight Launch can be used in manual mode, as well as the interactive function that syncs with your favorite adult content on your computer.

The concept is quite simple, even if the implications are profound. The Fleshlight Launch syncs with your computer via BlueTooth to match your favorite interactive adult content. This creates a realistic, immersive experience, as close to actual VR porn as we’ve gotten so far. If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping with your favorite adult film star (and who hasn’t?), the Fleshlight Launch will bring this dream one step closer to reality. Women’s sex toys have been incorporating BlueTooth and apps for years now. It’s time for the guys to have some fun now, too!

Continue reading for a step-by-step, blow-by-blow review of the Fleshlight Launch!
Unboxing The Fleshlight Launch
The Fleshlight Launch is packaged in an appealingly high-tech packaging that will appeal to their target demographic. The high-tech font and minimal masculine packaging could be for a smartphone just as easily as a sex toy. For the technophile that already has everything, that’s looking to break into the interactive adult scene, the Fleshlight Launch surely won’t disappoint.

The Fleshlight Launch is slim on accessories, however. It only comes with a USB cord for charging and some paper documentation. You’ll even need to provide your own USB brick for charging the Fleshlight Launch as it doesn’t come with one.
Design and Materials
While it can be good to get imaginative when it comes to sex toy design, there’s often no substitute for the real thing. This is particularly true for those of us attracted to women, who may be Nature’s most perfect creation.

The Fleshlight Launch is a bit big and unwieldy. It’s not designed to stand on its own, either. It tends to topple when you rest it on its base. Instead, the Launch is meant to lean into your body. Once it’s placed on your lap, it should be safe and secure.

The Fleshlight Launch is relatively durable. It’s as susceptible to damage as any consumer electronic device, however. Be careful around tile and cement floors. A fall onto soft carpet shouldn’t be too big of a deal, however, if you happen to go comatose once you’re spent.
Size, Weight, and Storage
The Fleshlight Launch isn’t little, which is to be expected for technology in its early stages. It makes sense, as it needs to accommodate the mechanism necessary to make a nearly two-pound device on a vertical access at 180 strokes per minute!

The Fleshlight Launch is a bit too big for someone looking for a covert masturbation aid. If a pair of rolled up gym socks is too obvious for your solo sexy time, you’ll want to take a hard pass on the Fleshlight Launch.
Fleshlight Launch Dimensions:
● Height: 12.75″
● Width: 6″
● Weight (alone): 3 pounds, 4.25 ounces
● Weight (with fleshlight): 4 pounds, 7 ounces
Operation and Interface
Kiiroo and Fleshlight have done a decent job making the Fleshlight Launch controls easy and obvious. That being said, not everything is immediately obvious when you first start using the Launch. You may need to spend some time with the instruction manual before you’re a complete master.

There are only two ‘buttons’ on the face of the Fleshlight Launch – power and operation mode, which can be switched between manual and interactive. There are also two surfaces on either side of the Fleshlight Launch, which control the stroke starting height, length, and speed.

To use the interactive mode, you’ll need to sync the Launch to the FeelConnect app via BlueTooth, which allows the Fleshlight to sync to your favorite adult VR content, from your library or what you find on sites like FeelMe.com.

To use the Launch in manual mode, simply hold the Mode button for three seconds. There’s no indication that it’s switched to manual mode, however, which feels like a design flaw.
Different Strokes: Manual Mode
Switching the Fleshlight Launch to manual mode gives you over the stroke speed, height, length, and starting position via the control strips on either side of the Launch.

The left control lets you modify the stroke speed. Swiping away from yourself makes the strokes go faster, while swiping towards yourself slows them down.

The right controls let you specify the stroke lengths. Away makes for longer strokes while swiping towards yourself makes them shorter. This can make for a realistic approximation of actual sex, once you master the controls, as the Fleshlight mimics the motions of a partner in ecstasy.
Fleshlight Launch Manual Mode: Final Thoughts
For all of its customizability, the Fleshlight Launch in manual mode is a bit limited. While the stroke length and speed features are nice and relatively flexible, they do still leave something to be desired. At its slowest, the Fleshlight Launch can only decelerate to one stroke per second – not that dissimilar from manual masturbation. For those looking to emulate slow and sensual encounters, you may need to look elsewhere.

The Fleshlight Launch can’t tell when you’re spent, either. This could be a problem, as the head of the penis tends to get highly sensitive once orgasms has been reached. The sleeves are a little too rough and rigid, as well. While a vagina has a bit of give, as nature intended, tech still needs to catch up a little bit before we’ve got a fully-realized VR pussy to get lost in.

Finally, the Fleshlight Launch can be a bit too mechanical and predictable for those looking for a realistic approximation of a real human erotic encounter. Actual sex tends to move in fits and starts, ranging from slow and sensual strokes to full-on thrusting and bucking. As adult sextech continues to catch on and become more prevalent, app developers and product designers may want to incorporate some randomization into their algorithms to simulate the unpredictability of an organic ebb-and-flow.
Fleshlight Launch In Interactive Mode
While the Fleshlight Launch might be a bit mechanical in Manual Mode, the Interactive Mode more than makes up for it. The Fleshlight Launch’s Interactive Mode syncs to your favorite adult VR content, whether from your personal stash or on websites like FeelMe.com.

While the Interactive Mode makes the Fleshlight Launch much more surprising and organic, it still takes a bit of work to get it setup, however.
Setting Up Fleshlight Launch Interactive Mode
If you’re going to be streaming interactive adult content off of the web, web browsers don’t automatically sync with a device’s BlueTooth. This means you’ll need to use the FeelConnect app as a translator between your web browser and your Fleshlight.

To connect your Fleshlight Launch to adult VR content on the web, first you’ll need to open the FeelConnect app. Then you’ll open web-based content via scanning an OR code, which identifies your Launch for the website.

This isn’t necessarily Fleshlight or Kiiroo’s fault. Mobile apps tend to have better BlueTooth syncing reliability than web-based browsers. Regardless, you may need to launch the FeelConnect app a few times before you get it to sync for real. Considering the Fleshlight Launch runs nearly $250, if you need a sleeve or case, this could leave you feeling a little jipped.

The connectivity has already gotten a lot better since the Fleshlight Launch first launched. This is a good sign for the future of technological sexiness.

The FeelConnect App is supposed to work with any iPhone, iPad, or even iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or later. Some users report issues with older iPhones, however. The app may sometimes ask for a firmware update, as well, which can sometimes go wrong.
The firmware update takes quite a while, as well, between 15 and 25 minutes. Make sure your Launch has enough charge before beginning the firmware upgrade or you risk bricking your new sex toy.

Where To Find Interactive Adult Content For Your Fleshlight Launch
The interactive market is a new niche. It’s filling up quickly, however, as adult topics have a tendency to do. There is still a lack of same-sex content on most interactive adult sites, however, so keep that in mind before plunking down $200 for your sex robot.

FeelMe.com is the official site for Fleshlight Launch VR content. Launched by Kiiroo, it was heavily promoted by Fleshlight when the product first launched. FeelMe.com can be used for other interactive sex toys, as well, like products from WeVibe and OhMiBod.

The videos cost money to rent, however. They usually range from one to two dollars and are available for 24 hours.

FeelMe.com is growing rapidly. It still lacks some basic filtering functions, however, which are particularly important when you’re looking for something specific. Adult sites feature some of the heaviest filtering on the planet, as tastes and preferences are so specific to each person, so this feels like an oversight.

The material they do have is of high quality, however, so that’s a bonus!
PornHub Interactive
As the leading purveyors of the Internet’s finest smut, it’s no surprise that Pornhub have been early adopters of interactive adult content. Their interactive content isn’t as extensive as FeelMe.com, yet, but it can take advantage of PornHub’s extensive filtering features. The videos are free, though, although they tend to be shorter than the FeelMe.com interactive content.

If anything, the adult interactive content on PornHub will give you a taste of what you’re into, so you can look for more on the paid sites.
UFeel.TV is the new kid on the block when it comes to adult VR, but it’s got some advantages over the other two. First off, you purchase the content instead of renting it. This makes the initial investment a bit more expensive, as movies tend to be around $9.95 each. They also offer membership services, as well, if you don’t need to own every movie you see. For $29.95 a month or $99.95 a year, you get access to all of the content on the site.

The content on UFeel.TV are downloaded as standalone apps, as another benefit, although this can be a drawback if you’re somewhat strapped for space on your phone or mobile device. It makes for a much smoother interactive experience than the FeelMe/FeelConnect/OR code workaround.

The standalone apps offer some extra features, as well, which improve the Fleshlight Launch experience even more. You can skip between scenes. You can also somewhat customize your experience, switching the speeds between tease, fast, and slow. Each configuration yields a different sequence of scenes so you can tailor your pleasure to taste, to an extent.

Finally, there is an ‘orgasm mode’, hardwired to the space bar. This cues up the money shot when you find yourself on the brink. This is a workaround for a climax/orgasm mode that some users have been lusting after.

Syncing Accuracy
Interactive adult media is still a new industry. It’s not perfect. Like anything dealing with love, lust, pleasure, or even just movies in general, suspension of disbelief is everything. The Fleshlight Launch may miss a beat here or there. There may be a delay, as well, as the signal is relayed via BlueTooth. If you allow this to break the spell, you’re not going to have a good time.

Instead, try and go along with it. If you don’t want to pay $200 and still use your imagination, however, you might want to wait for the Fleshlight Launch to mature a bit.
Fleshlight Launch + VR
The Fleshlight Launch combined with virtual reality gear is the ultimate adult immersive experience. It’s most definitely the future of adult technology, but it’s still got a ways to go until it becomes our ultimate disembodied erotic fantasy.

First of all, there’s the VR headset. VR headsets have gotten a lot better in recent years, both in terms of size, weight, as well as resolution. They can still be a bit grainy at times, however. Make sure to spring for the best VR headset you can afford if you fall out of a fantasy easily.

You’ll also need content created specifically for VR, which can mostly be found on FeelMe.com. There’s still not a lot of same-sex content for adult VR, so if you’re gay, bi, or curious, make sure to look around the market to see if there’s anything that gets your blood pumping.

If the sync issues for the regular interactive adult content is an issue for you, you might as well not even bother with the VR. It’s still a bit buggy, as may be expected with a brand-new technology. There’s a lack of free adult VR content out there, also, so you’ll have to pay for your experimentation.

If your need for novelty outweighs your technical finickiness, though, you may as well dive into this new frontier. Syncing your phone with the VR app is a little tricky, also. Getting it wrong can break the spell, however, which isn’t much fun. Proceed with caution.

The potential for POV VR may be worth the technical frustrations though. POV VR lets you wear someone else’s body during an encounter. If you’ve ever been bored with what you can experience in your own flesh (and who hasn’t), the potential of POV VR is more than worth the price of admission and frustrations due to troubleshooting.

It also lets you explore and experience some things you might not be comfortable with in real life, whatever that may be. That’s definitely going to be one of the ultimate areas of erotic exploration when the adult VR market explodes in earnest.

The VR hardware and app can be a real battery killer, too. Make sure your phone and Fleshlight are both well-charged or run the risk of being left frustrated.
Fleshlight Launch: Cleaning and Upkeep
For the most part, the Fleshlight Launch is easy to clean and maintain. The usual Fleshlight and sleeve design are designed to keep fluids in place, so you can get off without having to worry about it. If you’ve ever had to wonder about where you’re going to leave your load, this is reason enough alone to consider looking in a masturbatory aid.

If you ever get particularly wild and loose when you’re enjoying your Fleshlight Launch, however, the front panel is not entirely leakproof. There are a few notches and grooves than lead to some of the wiring, so unload with caution.
Fleshlight Launch: Is It Worth It?
If you’re somebody that absolutely has to have the latest tech, no matter what it is, why let your sex drive be any different? Technology can improve our life in so many ways. It can help us be kinder, less stressed-out individuals. It can also make us hotter, sexier, more confident. Pleasuring some virtual ladies and gentlemen is sure to boost your self-esteem, as well as giving you some ideas for your next real-life encounters.

If you’re somebody who is easily distracted or falls out of a sexual fantasy easily, however, this is just going to be even more exaggerated by the technological limitations of the Launch and accompanying apps. You may be somewhat bored by the somewhat limited library of interactive adult and adult VR content, as well, if you’re used to the usual head-spinning array of most porn sites.

Finally, if you’re into same-sex love, you may be let down by the lack of options. If you’re gay, bi, or curious you may want to wait a minute before investing in a Fleshlight Launch or adult VR in general. You won’t have to wait long, we’re sure. Nothing drives innovation quite so quickly as the libido.
Fleshlight Launch Pros
● Works with numerous Fleshlight products
● The most innovative adult technological product on the market
● Realistic feel
● Interactive as well as Manual Mode
● Customizable
● Gateway to a true immersive adult experience

Fleshlight Launch Cons
● Expensive
● Unwieldy
● Glitchy syncing
● Buggy VR
● Problems with app
● Limited VR library
● Lack of same-sex VR or interactive adult content
● Limited free interactive adult or adult VR content
● Lack of app customizability

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